A downloadable game for Windows

I'm sorry if you wanted to donate to us, probably not, but I don't have a bank account so, just enjoy!

So basically, this is the prototype, but in time, the game will be finished. 

Made by Tyler, Drew and Gabe 


W/Space/Up Arrow - Fly/Jump

A/D/->/<- - Move

(P.S This is sort of a joke game). The story of the game is that a character from Dungeons and Dragons went into a sorcerer's dimension, and messed everything up, so he teleported back to an Inn, which was attacked by many wizards (Boxes right now), and you, the player were struck by lighting and turned into a toilet. This is a rage game btw, play at your own risk. 

ESC to exit the game

Install instructions

The file is a .rar file, only for Windows.

Sorry Mac users.

Uncompress the .rar file and go to the Box'd Inn.exe and open it. 

To play on mac, use a thingy called Wine



Box'd Inn v1.0 869 MB
Box'd Inn v0.5 843 MB
Box'd Inn v0.2 843 MB
Box'd Inn v0.1 825 MB

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